The El Dorado Hills Endowment is pleased to announce a new circle to join. It is called The Giving Circle and the message is simple: give where you live and complete the circle of giving to those in need. At its launch on January 18th, 2018 and despite a downpouring of rain, cabinet member Steve Showers and Eddie Blagdon opened their Serrano home to forty friends and neighbors who joined together to elevate the power of philanthropy, inspired by generosity and collaborative giving to serve worthy causes in El Dorado Hills.  

The Giving Circle is just beginning and we invite you to grow with us.

2019 - Giving Circle Harvest Festival

2019 - giving Circle Fiesta Social

2019 - 1-year Anniversary and Membership celebration

2018 - Giving Circle Voting Party

2018 - fiesta social 

2018 - Wine + Cheese Social