What is the giving Circle? 

The Giving Circle integrates social gatherings with the spirit of philanthropy, specifically aiming to strengthen the networks in our local population.  Together, we elevate the power of philanthropy through inspired generosity and collaborative giving - pooling funds with others, reinvesting those funds back into our immediate area, learning about area needs through our newsletters and opportunities for scheduled site visits of non-profit organizations, and participating in the annual granting cycle (see below).  

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
— Winston Churchill

Why Should I participate in the giving circle? 

The Giving Circle is a geographically-focused fund, meaning that your contribution remains local and provides a direct benefit to nearby residents.  Occasional social events provide opportunities to connect with others interested in philanthropy, raise awareness of the many needs and worthy causes that prosper with community support, and influence how the funds in the Giving Circle are spent.  With no required time commitment, the Giving Circle is a collection of individuals who choose to pool their charitable gifts.


How do i join the giving circle?

The Giving Circle provides three membership options to match your desired amount of giving.  Membership is provided on an annual basis, payable in a single payment or divided monthly:


Donations to the expendable fund are reserved for the annual granting cycle, which generates near-term impact to local non-profit groups.  The remaining percentage is invested in the endowment fund.  As time passes, the principal balance of the endowment will grow and produce annual earnings dedicated to the El Dorado Hills area in perpetuity.

Are there options to give additional amounts?

Yes. Our registration cards and online donation page allow you to customize your donation in excess of the amounts listed above, if you so choose.  For example, if you would like to give $250, select the $200 membership option and designate an additional amount of $50.

Are there any fees associated with my donation?

Yes.  The Foundation charges nominal fees for the professional administration and oversight of the funds collected. The fees are 3 percent for donations to the expendable fund and 1.5 percent for funds restricted to the endowment.

Do I play a role in the grant-making process? 

Yes.  The annual granting process provides an opportunity for you to learn about the various non-profit organizations, programs and services that enrich the lives of thousands of area residents and neighbors and allows you to guide how the Giving Circle funds are distributed.